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Mundial Future Knife Block Set 10

Contemporary & Modern Kitchen Decor, Stainless Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Mundial Future Knife Block Set 10 Mundial of Brazil presents this fine set of forged all-stainless steel knives in a futuristic matching knife block to accent the beauty of your kitchen as well as handle all stages of the work. Traditional craftsmanship combines with modern manufacturing methods to give Mundial customers the best of both. Expect knives with an old world build and a few major (but good) changes.

Flat ground blades of high carbon stainless steel match full tangs to handles of 18/10 cutlery grade stainless steel for a strong seamless build with cutting edges that last and grips that won't blemish. This heavier construction includes bolsters forged the full width of the blade. This is a very strong build, but if you're accustomed to modern stamped knives or slim Japanese styles, that bolster could be awkward.

The set includes small peeling and paring knives, a six-inch utility knife good for slicing odd vegetables or boning meat and poultry, and three eight-inch knives -- chef's knife, bread knife, and carving knife. Add the sharpening steel and kitchen shears plus a matching carving fork, and even the beginning chef will be fully prepared for both kitchen work and dining service.

Mundial's wood knife block is finished to match the metallic sheen of the knife set. The finish is stain resistant and easy to clean as well. Hand washing of all pieces in this set is recommended -- handles aren't likely to stain, but the harder steel of the blades could spot if blades aren't properly cleaned and dried.

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