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Mundial Light Cleaver, Stamped Stainless Steel w/ Eco-Friendly Handle

Olivier Anquier Professional Kitchen Knife 6 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Mundial Light Cleaver, StampedMundial's six-inch Light Cleaver is one of the company's few stamped steel products, but uses strong construction that involves much more than a simple tang embedded in a wooden grip. This high carbon stainless steel cleaver weighs 1.2 pounds and was designed to chop through bones.

In this cleaver, the tang connects through the hardwood grip to a solid stainless steel end cap. The front end of the grip gets reinforcement from a stainless steel ferrule, and the steel tang has such thickness that there's no need to worry that the knife can't take a beating. It's able to handle the chopping chores of the average kitchen without any problems. Comparable to German steel in quality, this Brazilian cleaver is tempered tough and won't chip if used on hard bones. The edge will deform if abused, and with a blade this thick, sharpening is a job for the whetstone, not the honing steel.

The Olivier Anquier pattern uses ironwood grips sculpted in a comfortable shape with a corrugated belly that adds to the non-slip feel. Ironwood, a tree from the acacia family, is native to South America and, like many tropical hardwoods, has enough density to rival modern composites in durability. You get the beauty of natural wood without having to worry you've just contributed to the demise of the rain forest. Acacia grows quickly and abundantly and qualifies as a renewable resource. Hand washing and drying is the only special care the cleaver needs.

For a light vegetable cleaver made for slicing rather than chopping, see the Victorinox Chinese Cleaver.

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