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Mundial Olivier Anquier Knife Block Set of 10, Laminated

Ironwood Tropical Hardwood Loop Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Mundial Olivier Anquier Knife Block SetThis well-rounded basic set of forged stainless steel kitchen knives from Mundial of Brazil offers more than basic quality. With distinctively shaped handles of Brazilian tropical hardwood, the Mundial Olivier Anquier pattern has been featured in magazines like InStyle Home.

If it's more than steel you're after and you do appreciate the appearance of the knives, the Olivier Anquier pattern adds style and beauty to a strong and practical forged knife. The first thing you'll notice is the ironwood grip, a one-piece hardwood design firmly positioned between strong stainless steel fittings. This dense tropical wood resists damage from moisture and temperature extremes and requires very little upkeep to retain its polished appearance. This is the Old World type of construction, not trimmed back to save on materials. The knives include heavy bolsters which run the full width of the blade and forged stainless steel end caps with built-in loops, handy if you prefer to hang these blades from a peg-rack.

The set includes an eight-inch carving knife and fork for dinner service, an eight-inch chef's knife able to do most of the kitchen's chopping and slicing, plus a six-inch serrated utility blade for sandwich prep and slicing. A 2-1/2-inch bird's beak peeling knife and a 3-1/2-inch standard paring knife handle vegetable peeling and trimming. A pair of forged steel kitchen shears and a sharpening steel complete the tool set. All items store neatly in the laminated hardwood knife block.

Yes, there are modern knives which perform better than the Old World design of the Mundial Olivier Anquier knives -- but with this set of good knives on hand you may never be tempted to try them. The set comes with a lifetime warranty.

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