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Mundial Round Sharpening Steel w/ Polyacetal Handle

Regular High Carbon Stainless Steel, Black 10 12 or 14 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Mundial Round Sharpening Steel w/Mundial makes this professional quality sharpening steel in three different lengths -- one of them will be the perfect match to any European style knife in your kitchen.

Designed for professional food service workers, meat packers, and restaurant employees, the Mundial Professional product lines are just as efficient and economical for the professional home chef. Built to meet NSF sanitary standards, Mundial professional knives and hones carry a lifetime warranty against defects. The only shortcoming may not even matter to you -- the professional line looks like it belongs in the back of the kitchen, not at the dining table. This black polyacetal-handled sharpening hone is typical and won't win awards for good looks, but it will last through years of hard use.

Made of high carbon stainless steel with a finely serrated surface as hard as a file, the Regular Cut Sharpening Steel is meant to reset the edges of knife blades, not to remove steel. This is the style of hone that most of us find satisfactory. If you don't let a knife get truly dull, all that's needed to restore the blade to razor sharpness are a few strokes on the steel. The nearly invisible edge of the blade will be put back in line, as good as new. Sharpening on a stone is actually seldom needed.

Covering the entire length of a long knife with a short hone is awkward, but Mundial offers the Regular Cut Sharpening Steel in 10-inch, 12-inch and 14-inch lengths -- enough choices to match any common, plain-edged kitchen knife.

F. Dick makes a Multi-cut Sharpening Steel in a technically advanced style -- check it out if you want a good tool that also looks impressive.

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