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Oxo Good Grips Swivel Peeler This OXO i-Series Swivel peeler will no doubt be the best peeler you’ve ever used. Personally, I’ve tried the knock-off brands of comfort-grip peelers, and truthfully they’re good but not as good as what you’re looking at here. OXO has taken steps with their i-Series product to make sure it’s the only peeler you ever have to use again.

For starters, the i-Series Swivel blade is longer. The original OXO peeler blade is very sharp, so the extra length on the Swivel comes in quite handy. It’s made from hardened stainless steel that is precision-ground with extra durability so it’ll stay sharp for a longer period of time.

The tip of the blade features a blemish remover, or eyer, made from hardened die-cast zinc. It’s extremely sharp and focused, so the spots on all those potatoes will come out in no time, and it’s just as dishwasher-safe as the rest of the tool.

OXO gave their Swivel peeler an extra-cushy handle as well. Good Grips handles are normally rave-worthy just on their own, but the i-Series models contain extra padding and “squish” to form to your unique grip.

And here’s our favorite feature about OXO peelers: replaceable blades! It’s very hard, if not impossible, to find this feature offered by other manufacturers. Pardon the wordplay, but the convenience of a replaceable blade is just irreplaceable. We have a feeling you might get attached to that squishy grip, so this way you won’t ever have to adjust to a less comfortable peeler. Ever.

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