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Paul Chen Hanwei Hero’s Axe

Japanese Samurai Weapon Review

Posted by Ken

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Paul Chen Hanwei Hero?s Axe Here's the original Hero's Axe, not the antiqued version, by Hanwei designer Paul Chen. This original model is beautifully embellished and polished, and honestly would look a lot better mounted for display than the antiqued Hero's Axe, making it a much better choice in our opinion. The biggest reason for that is because you can usually find both models for the same price, so why not get the nicer one?

This double-edged battle axe measures 26 inches overall, with each edge measuring 10 inches and a 12-inch head width spanning the blades. It weighs 4 pounds (roughly the same weight you'd find in an average throwing axe).

Each blade is extremely sharp and polished for display as well as protection against the elements. The edges are tempered, and the entire axe head is coated with a black finish.

The handle is constructed from polished hardwood and features dozens of brass studs that completely surround its lower half. These studs will give you a better grip in addition to providing a very elite, decorative touch.

Genuine brown leather edge covers are also included with the Hero's Axe. They're very easy to take on and off and will prevent the edges from going dull when not in use. So, as with all Hanwei products, it sure looks like this Hero's Axe was meant to last you a very, very long time.

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