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Paul Chen Hanwei Kama

Ancient Japanese Martial Arts Weapon Review

Posted by Ken

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Paul Chen Hanwei Kama The kama originated in ancient Japanese history as a farming sickle, primarily used by rice farmers who needed a harvesting tool as well as a defensive weapon alongside them at all times. Throughout the ages, the kama has evolved to become a standard weapon of choice in modern Okinawan Kobodu martial arts.

This single kama, designed by Paul Chen of Hanwei fame, may or may not be the weapon of choice for your next championship match. Since it's an elite Hanwei model, you'll like that it looks much nicer than your average practice pair of vented kama blades. However, this item is sold separately. You can't buy this particular Paul Chen kama as a set, and that's why we might favor it more as a beautiful decorative piece.

The sharp blade is made from hand-forged 1065 high carbon steel with an authentic hamon line running down the edge. The handle is crafted from genuine oak wood and glossed to a smooth finish.

Polished brass adds another decorative touch to the kama's fittings, cap, and cover tip. The included blade cover is made from genuine oak wood as well.

Due to the discreet contours of the handle, this is primarily a right-handed kama. Hanwei manufactures left-handed kamas as well. Both display wonderful quality and craftsmanship, and would hold a distinct place of honor among your martial arts weapons.

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