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Pfaltzgraff Summer Breeze Stainless Steel Steak Knife 8 Piece Set

Posted by JT Hats

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Pfaltzgraff Summer Breeze StainlessWith a handle pattern to match the theme of the Pfaltzgraff Summer Breeze tableware, this eight piece brings to mind all the beauty of a summer's day filled with forget-me-nots, soft yellow sunlight, and inexpensive steak knives.

In the restaurants and kitchens in which I have worked, I've never seen anyone sharpen a steak knife. What my employers sought in a steak knife was a clean look, durability, and the best deal--I expect that most home chefs are like that as well. If you have dinnerware in the Summer Breeze pattern then you'll need this set.

Other than that, I do have some practical criticisms. The way these knives are built, construction is unlikely to be gap free. The thin metal bolster and hollowed handle will allow the entry of moisture, and that will not always be clean moisture. Thorough drying of these knives will be important, and the best way to sanitize them will be the drying cycle of the dishwasher. That may be rough on the knives.

The serrated edges of the knives are today's most common solution to the dull knife. Even when they have seen much hard use, these edges will cut steak. They will not stay razor sharp, but neither do they need to be.

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