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Poulan Electric Chainsaw, Tree Cutting

Arborist Gardening Pro 400E 18

Posted by JT Hats

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Poulan Electric Chainsaw, Tree Cutting For occasional tree trimming close to home, an electric chain saw like the Poulan Pro 400E is versatile, efficient, and quiet -- but in this economical saw, you won't get the rugged construction of a good gasoline-powered machine. For jobs within its limits, the Poulan Pro works well. With a hundred-foot extension cord, a 120V wall outlet, and oil for the bar and chain, this machine can quickly clean up storm damage and other occasional heavy cutting jobs around the yard. The absence of the usual roar and smoke of a gasoline saw can be a huge benefit if neighbors aren't far away.

The 18-inch bar of the Poulan Pro 400E does not indicate the maximum width of cut for this machine. Many companies rate the real capacity of a small chainsaw at half the bar length, meaning a nine-inch log would be at the upper limit for the Poulan Pro 400E. When the chain begins to dull and the load on the engine increases, that limit drops. Without overload protection for its 4HP electric motor, the Poulan Pro 400E could be damaged by overly optimistic use.

Chainsaws were meant to run briefly and then idle and cool off, and the electric 400E is no exception to that rule. With plenty of power and the look of a rugged machine, it's easy to push this light duty machine too hard. Poulan Pro warrants the 400E against defects in parts and workmanship for one year after purchase, but abuse voids the guarantee.

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