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Best Slicer: Chef’s Choice International Restaurant 667

Professional Electric w/ Safety Lock

Posted by JT Hats

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Professional Electric Food Slicer byProviding nearly restaurant-level quality in a machine that fits the average kitchen, the Chef's Choice 667 almost doubles the capacity of the average home food slicer. One-hundred-eighty watts of high torque power spins the ten-inch diameter stainless steel blade. Together those two features allow slicing of large hams, roasts and other over-sized items far too big for most home slicing systems to handle.

The large carriage tilts towards the blade for better control of the cutting process, tipping heavier items into the slicer automatically. Ball bearing table slides keep the slicing table working smoothly even with a full load. Plexiglass shields keep fingers out of the danger zones without blocking view of the work, and interlocking safety switches prevent accidental starts.

The Chef's Choice 667 includes professional level features like a built-in sharpening system that hones the blade while still on the machine, and a lifting system that lets users remove the heavy cutting blade for cleaning without risking fingers on the cutting edge. A tool included with the slicer screws to the face of the blade for secure and safe handling of what can be an awkward and dangerous piece of equipment. It's not something you want to drop, and with the lifter tool, you won't.

Plan where you'll install this hefty chunk of good equipment before you buy it. At 20 by 14 by 14 inches, and requiring working room around that, the Chef's Choice 667 needs space. Since it weighs nearly 30 pounds, many chefs will want the slicer in a permanent location.

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