Pure Komachi by KAI Santoku Knife | 7 Inch Japanese Vegetable Knife

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Pure Komachi by KAI Santoku Knife One might take a look at these knives with their buoyant colors and whimsical flourishes and assume these knives are children’s toys. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

KAI, makers of the well regarded Shun knives, have produced a knife which performs quite well, despite the unusual appearance. The Komachi line is aimed at home users and/or large commercial users who require large numbers of knives that offer good performance at a low price point.

Even though it may not appear to be a significant benefit to the casual user, the colorful coating used on the blades is reported to have some hygienic benefits, and the cutouts in the handles and the colors used on the different types of knives, are intended as a signal to cooks as to their intended use.

Although color coded knives and cutting boards aren’t common in homes or small commercial kitchens, in large commercial settings, HAACP sanitation programs use color coded knives and boards extensively to minimize the possibility of cross contamination.

Aside from the appearances, this is a well made, inexpensive knife, made from good quality Japanese steel. Like most santoku knives from Japanese makers, it features good blade geometry and it also offers a good cost to performance ratio comparable to similar Forshner knives, making it a good choice for budget conscious cooks.

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