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R.H. Forschner 10 Inch Bread Knife

Victorinox | Black Fibrox or Rosewood Handle

Posted by Ken

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R.H. Forschner Bread Knife If you've hung around OnlyKnives in the past, you'll know that we love Forschner knives. They're sharp, well-made and inexpensive. What more could you ask for.

Check out our review of their Three piece Fibrox set for more details on Forschner.

Their bread knife fits right in. It's got a 10 inch serrated blade, which is useful for larger breads.Those serrations may make it difficult to resharpen at home, but that's typical of most bread knives.

Those serrations also mean that this is a versatile knife. You can use it for slicing and carving as well.

You've got a choice of handles -- the black fibrox is popular because it won't slip, stain-resistant and should never break or chip.

The rosewood's main attraction is its look. Wood can be a problem in the kitchen -- you'll need to make sure it stays dry. But it sure does look nice.

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