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Tiger Claw Iron Staff | Chinese Martial Arts Weapons Polearms

Posted by JT Hats

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Shaolin Staff The heaviest training staff of the Shaolin, the Eyebrow Height Iron Staff is at the heart of an old story from Shaolin temple history. Answering the Emperor's call to repel a foreign invasion force, monks used their iron staffs to beat back invading soldiers -- only to find themselves considered the Emperor's next and greatest threat.

Though that could be legend rather than history, the Iron Staff is a real example of a very tough ancient training system. Using weapons too heavy for actual combat, monks and soldiers developed strength and skill that transferred with lethal efficiency to the faster combat weapons. Many legends focus on heroes who became so powerful that the impractical training devices were their primary armaments.

This hand forged steel staff from Tiger Claw, produced by Chinese craftsmen using traditional methods, outweighs the usual oak or waxwood staff by about seven pounds. Two inches in diameter and 68 inches long, the eight-and-a-half pound metal staff weighs too much for Wushu practice. For less than legendary users, slow movements through traditional forms with this classic weapon in hand will be one of the most effective ways to develop physical power. In use, there's very little to go wrong with this simple and powerful weapon. Striking targets is possible, but only the strongest training devices will hold up to this staff's full impact. This iron staff is also a nicely finished weapon suitable for display.

A nylon carrying case is provided but only gives a small amount of padding. Handle the Eyebrow Height Iron Staff carefully to avoid accidental injuries.

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