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Catskill Craftsmen Wood Lazy Susan w/ Lip

Kitchen Cabinet Turntable

Posted by JT Hats

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Catskill Craftsmen Wood Lazy Susan w/Created by the Catskill Craftsmen Company of Stamford, New York, this laminated solid hardwood turntable features a strong lip helpful in keeping small items on board and retaining spills. This established American firm -- in business in the same location in the Catskill Mountains since 1948 -- builds with renewable local resources. Lumber for the Lazy Susan comes from local sawmills -- Catskill Craftsmen buys their raw materials as green wood planks, drying and milling the wood in their own facilities and even converting waste products to fuel pellets.

The 4.3-pound turntable features a smoothly turning heavy duty ball bearing swivel and a wide turned base of matching hardwood. Loaded with food as a serving centerpiece, this Lazy Susan sits on the table with stability. The unobtrusive lip prevents unfortunate incidents involving children or careless diners. Fourteen inches across, the useful diameter of the Lazy Susan drops by an inch because of the raised edge. That edge does come in handy for many potential uses such as keeping small items in place when the Lazy Susan becomes countertop storage. On the bottom shelf of a cabinet, the Lazy Susan could be a handy spice rack, making your favorite herbs and spices conveniently accessible at the touch of a finger.

The lacquered finish of the turntable requires little care and cleans up with a damp cloth. A polish now and then with mineral oil helps keep the humidity of the kitchen out of the wood and gives the turntable an extra level of shine. Since the hardwood base sits close to the counter or tabletop, be careful to keep the turntable out of standing water. Don't immerse it in water for cleaning -- just a quick rubdown will do.

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