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Shun Carving Knife & Meat Fork Serving Set, Damascus Steel

Classic 2 Piece in Gift Box

Posted by JT Hats

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Shun Carving Knife & Meat Fork ServingShun Cutlery's Classic Carving Set brings that company's famous VG-10 Damascus style stainless steel to the dinner service. The look is the same as that of Shun's other chef's knives, with an elegant and simple ebony-style pakkawood handle and a forged stainless steel blade.

Both knife and fork provide eight inches of working length -- enough to handle large cuts of meat. D-shaped pakkawood handles surrounding rat tail tangs were built for right-handed use with a flattened side to correctly orient the user's fingers. Only the knife is Damascus steel, using Shun's 32-layer sandwich of tough high carbon stainless steel around a central layer of harder VG-10, which forms the actual cutting edge. The hard edge is ground to an acute angle, unlike Western styles which use softer steel and a thicker but less efficient bevel.

Shun's carving knife slices cooked meats paper-thin with practice, and the Damascus steel sheds the slices more easily than ordinary blades due to its slightly rippled surface. Less steel actually contacts the food, and the result is a more easily controlled cut. Shun recommends that these knives be used only on wood, plastic, or bamboo cutting surfaces to avoid damage to the cutting edge. Avoid bones while carving, since the VG-10 edge could chip if forced through a hard object.

This carving set comes in a handsome wooden storage and presentation box. Wash and dry the knife and fork by hand before storing in the case.

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