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Shun Classic Asian Knife Set of 2

Granton Santoku & Paring, VG-10 Cutlery w/ Pakkawood

Posted by JT Hats

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Shun Classic Asian Knife Set of 2 Adding these two knives to your kitchen lineup could greatly improve the quality of your day. The santoku and paring knife from Shun Cutlery will handle most of the vegetable slicing and prep work you do.

Based in Seki City, Japan, where the best samurai swords were once made, Shun Cutlery adapts those old methods by combining them with modern technology and materials. Using VG-10 high carbon stainless steel as the cutting core of their blades, Shun adds outer layers of tougher SUS410 stainless steel in a Damascus-type construction. The result is a hard cutting edge enclosed in a resilient sandwich of 16 tough stainless steel layers on each side.

Rat tail tangs of the knives are enclosed in D-shaped ebony-black handles of another modern material called Pakka-wood. Layers of hardwood are injected with fiberglass resin and then stacked to form this durable grip. The Pakka-wood resists moisture and heat and remains stable so that gaps between handle and steel never open. The flat side of the handle helps orient fingertips in line with the blade and to maintain control of the knife's cutting action.

The large knife here, a santoku with seven inches of cutting edge, features a granton ground edge. Multiple hollows ground into the blade decrease cutting friction and help separate slices of food from the knife. The layered steel itself has a similar effect. The smaller paring knife's cutting edge measures 3-1/2 inches. Both knives are dishwasher safe, but hand washing helps preserve the finish and protects the razor-sharp cutting edges. The set includes a beautiful fabric-lined bamboo presentation case.

Shun also offers a Three-Piece Knife Gift Set made from this same Damascus-style steel.

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