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Shun Classic Chef’s Knife, Granton w/ Pakkawood Handle

Scalloped Damascus Forged Blade, VG-10 8 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Shun Classic Chef's Knife, Granton Shun's Classic 8-Inch Chef's Knife has the perfect build for smaller hands but a much more efficient design than the usual European Chef's knife. If you prefer a familiar knife style but want the advanced features of Japanese blades, take a close look at this Shun Classic knife.

Although the knife does have the multiple hollows of a santoku, this isn't a santoku blade. The cook's knife shape makes the knife better at piercing and carving and lends that all-around utility that chef's knives are known for. You'll be able to handle most of the prep work in the average kitchen with this one knife.

The Damascus-type construction of this fine blade improves the cutting action even more. On each side of the central layer of hard VG-10, Shun forges 16 layers of tough high carbon stainless steel. The extra support gives the knife shock resistance and flexibility that the VG-10 lacks, while the hard central layer provides a long-lasting thin cutting edge. Shun hones the edge to 16 degrees, not the European standard of 25 degrees, and the thinner cutting wedge glides through the work with much less effort.

Damascus layering also creates small ripples in the surface of the blade. Those ripples add to the friction-reducing effect of the granton hollows. Less blade actually contacts the work, and cutting becomes even easier. You'll notice the difference in effort immediately, but you'll also find the knife capable of slicing thinly without distorting the cut food.

The D-shaped Pakkawood handle orients the knife properly in the hand and provides a secure hold even when wet.

For a larger chef's knife with the thin steel and advanced cutting action of Japanese cutlery, see the Global 10-Inch Chef's Knife.

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