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Shun KAI Kershaw Chef’s Kitchen Knife

Forged VG-10 Damascus Stainless Steel, Classic 6 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Shun Kershaw Chef's Kitchen Knife With the six-inch Shun/KAI Chef's Knife, expect the slick performance of a santoku but the familiar style of the standard chef's knife. Not just for light slicing, this high quality prep knife from Shun's Classic series has the strength for other work as well.

Forged with 33 layers of high carbon stainless steel, the Shun Classic Chef's knife incorporates a central layer of VG-10 stainless steel for the knife's cutting edge. Harder than the tough supportive layers that surround it, the VG-10 holds a more acute bevel than western-style kitchen knives, cutting with less effort and less maintenance than European blades. The slightly rippled surface of the Damascus-style steel sheds sliced food quickly and lessens the friction of the blade as it passes through food.

Shun's ebony-black handle is D-shaped with a flat side for instinctive orientation in the hand. Solid stainless steel end cap and bolster join to the pakkawood without gaps, eliminating the sanitary problems of a poorly built knife. The pakkawood itself is actually many layers of birchwood, colored nearly black and injected with long-lasting stabilizing resin. Pakkawood stands up to moisture, chemicals, and heat without damage and is dishwasher safe, although proper care of this knife demands hand washing after use.

The six-inch blade (good for mincing, chopping, slicing, and many other common kitchen chores) is better designed for small hands than a full-sized chef's knife. Because the VG-10 edge is extremely hard and could chip, don't use this knife for heavy chopping of bones or frozen food.

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