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Shun Kitchen Presentation Paring Knife

Fruit Carving Birds Beak 2 1/2 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Shun Kitchen Presentation Paring Knife The Birds Beak Paring Knife from Shun handles difficult tasks many chefs don't find essential. If your cooking includes sculpted fruits and vegetables, exotics like Bride's Tears potatoes, or even the common ginger root, you'll find the Shun Birds Beak Paring Knife very handy.

Peelers are built for straight and uniformly shaped vegetables -- like the hybrid carrots we all get at the supermarket. Try that same peeler -- or straight paring knife -- on a convoluted yet delicious Bride's Tear (an heirloom variety potato from Peru), and you'll wind up with very little food for the plate. Those situations, not the ordinary events of the average kitchen, are perfect applications for the Birds Beak knife. Unusual foods require special tools.

Once you get over the shock of the concave cutting edge and needle-sharp point of this knife, it may become one of your favorites, since the curved blade matches the surface of many common fruits and veggies and does result in better work, if you practice. If you get your carrots from the garden rather than the grocery, this knife could mean the difference between using a carrot and throwing it out. Home-grown produce is rarely straight and perfect, and peelers reduce food with character to a pile of throw-away peelings.

Shun's version of this gourmet chef's knife features a stainless steel D-shaped handle and 32 layers of tough stainless steel sandwiched around a core layer of hard VG-10 steel. Use ordinary care, and this unusual knife's edge could stay razor sharp for months.

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