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Shun Pro Deba Slicing Knife

Japanese Cutlery | VG-10 Damascus 6 1/2 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Shun Pro Deba Slicing Knife Primarily used for de-boning and slicing raw or cooked meat, fish, and poultry, the Shun Pro Deba knife with a 6 1/2" plain edge is one of the fundamental blades of the Japanese kitchen, dating back to the Edo period in the city of Sakai. Once famous for fine samurai swords, in more recent times the industries of Sakai have turned their talents towards creation of some of the world's finest cutlery, using many of the same complex sword-making methods.

This Shun Pro Deba is built from 32 layers of high quality stainless steel forged to either side of a hard core sheet of VG-10, renowned for its ability to hold a thin, hard edge. This old Damascus steel method was used to create some of the best Japanese swords, resulting in a strong blade with exceptional sharpness. The slightly rippled surface of the blade lowers friction and breaks up contact with the food, resulting in more precise work and less distortion of the product.

In Shun's cutlery, the process yields a forged blade and bolster that is designed especially for slicing. The edge can do incredibly thin precision cuts but is not intended for chopping, cutting through bone, or cutting up frozen food. Sharpening methods include special home sharpening systems or simple flat waterstones, but not sharpening steels.

The handle of PakkaWood, a layered composite of resin and birchwood, has a D-shaped cross section for more accurate gripping and is very durable. Hand washing is recommended.

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