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Shun Ultimate Steak Knife Box Set of 4

Classic Serrated Damascus Steel w/ Pakkawood Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Shun Ultimate Steak Knife Box Set of 4 With many of the same good features as the DMS 400 plain-edged steak knives from Shun Cutlery, this Classic DMSO420 Steak Knife Set adds serrated blades for even better edge-holding.

Shun's Classic knives transfer easily to the dining table without needing any improvements in appearance. The black Pakkawood -- impervious to temperature and moisture in the kitchen -- also keeps its ebony sheen on the dining table. The D-shaped grips are as efficient at cutting steak as at any difficult prep chore. The Damascus-type stainless steel of the Classic blades sandwiches one core layer of hard SG-10 between 16 layers of tougher high carbon stainless steel. The finished blade's rippled surface glides through steak with less friction than single-layer blades, and the SG-10 core holds a thinner and sharper cutting edge than standard European knives.

Shun does warn against using their knives on hard surfaces like ceramic plates. Edges may chip against hard objects or glass cutting boards, and diners accustomed to inferior steak knives may start out using a lot of pressure to saw through meat. That's not necessary with Shun steak knives. These blades cut. To extend the life of these good edges Shun added "low frequency" serrations to the blades, exposing and protecting more cutting edge. When the points of the wide serrations dull, the other parts of the blade's teeth remain sharp.

Proper care of these fine knives includes hand washing immediately after use and drying the knives with a dish towel before storage. Dishwashers could damage the cutting edges, and if food or water droplets dry on the blades, some spotting could occur.

See the Henckels International Classic Steak Knives for forged stainless steel steak knives in a classic European pattern.

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