pocket knivesProbably the first knife you ever owned was a pocket folder, and I’ll bet it was also one of your most prized possessions, until you lost it and got a better one. I can’t imagine anyone who didn’t grow up owning a progression of better pocket knives, although I suppose there are some very deprived souls out there who didn’t.

Folding knives are still the knives you’re most likely to carry every day and use the most, because they’re out of sight and polite. Clips make them even more discreet, sitting on the edge of the pocket instead of laying somewhere at the bottom. Fifty years ago when I had a two hour argument with a Walmart clerk over whether the knife he sold me was the same as the knife on display, small differences in detail and shape meant a lot because choices were limited. Today folding knives come in an amazing variety of styles, from traditional to high tech tactical designs. New companies and new makers offer new and often better ideas. Case and Buck aren’t the only makers whose knives include automatic bragging rights.

Choose from one hand opening knives, spring loaded assisted opening versions, and even a few innovative types that aren’t easy to describe. The folding knife keeps evolving to more specialized forms, but the pocket knife you carried fifty years ago is probably still available today.

Some of Our Favorites

You can’t go wrong with the Buck Ranger, but the Ranger 112 FG sports an improved grip.

For everyday and special occasions, the Al Mar Hawk is a practical barlow with beautiful details.

Simplified and strong, the Victorinox Parachutist Lockback packs more than a knife blade.

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