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Totally Bamboo Greenlight Cutting Board

Extra Large Eco Friendly Organic

Posted by JT Hats

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Totally Bamboo Greenlight Cutting Board Bamboo is already the "green" alternative to hardwood in specialty applications like cutting boards, and Totally Bamboo's Greenlight cutting board is several steps ahead of the pack in environmental sensibility. Made from renewable cultivated bamboo rather than wild bamboo stands, this cutting board even has a chemical free organic rating and food grade adhesive tough enough to hold up in the heat and damp of a dishwasher.

At only 3/8" thick, this board is easy to handle but built light enough that--if you like it--you shouldn't test the company's claims too thoroughly. Bamboo is tough--even harder than rock maple--but it does take up moisture during use. At least every time you clean it, you'll need to rub it down with mineral oil. Bamboo boards will warp if left on a damp countertop, and thin boards are more susceptible.

The light weight makes this board a little difficult to keep in place during use, so put it on a couple of paper towels for some added stability. It will make a fine cutting board and because of the light weight it will be easy to store--but I'd recommend hand washing and immediate re-oiling instead of risking it in a dishwasher. A board this lightly built is also obviously not suitable for heavy chopping work.

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