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Tramontina Professional Cutlery Knife Block Set

Full Tang Forged 7 Piece

Posted by JT Hats

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Tramontina Professional Cutlery KnifeFrom Tramontina of Brazil, this 7-piece professional cutlery block set will impress you with its solidly drop forged full tang blades. Many modern manufacturers use thinner blade stock that results in lighter knives. These old style blades could be more than you need for many prep and slicing tasks, but there's little chance that they'll fail on the heavy jobs.

Made from high carbon stain-free chrome molybdenum steel, the five knives in the set cover most kitchen tasks including carving meat and light chopping. The knives use full tang handles and a heavy forged bolster to strengthen the connection between tang and blade. The bolster adds some safety, keeping fingers on the handle where they belong, but also stops the blade from sliding all the way through a slicing cut. Paring knife, utility knife, eight-inch carving and chef's knives, and a serrated bread knife give a beginning chef tools to cover all the basics. All knives use the same molded nylon handle slabs, poured around rivets and fittings to eliminate gaps.

Correctly sharpened, these flat ground and satin polished blades will cut razor smooth. Daily touch-up should be easy enough with the sharpening steel also included in this set. When the blades start to give problems, it's time for regrinding, and the plain edge knives can be reworked at home with a flat stone. Save the bread knife for breads and pastries to put less wear on the serrated edge, which should be reground by a professional if dulled. Using the bread knife for carving meat could shorten the edge's useful lifetime.

The hardwood block has a small countertop footprint and gives easy access to each knife, but doesn't include any open slots for expanding the collection.

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