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Victorinox Boning Knife, Forged 5 Inch

Full Tang Solingen Stainless Steel w/ POM Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Victorinox Boning Knife, Forged 5 Inch This forged boning knife from Victorinox has some definite advantages over lighter, stamped steel versions. The boning knife is a tricky thing to get right -- the blade needs flexibility and a narrow style like a fillet knife, but also needs enough strength for twisting turning in tough cuts of meat. Victorinox has the right answer.

Of course, you'll get efficient action from a Victorinox stamped steel boning knife as well as this traditionally-styled forged boning blade -- this one just feels a little more right, as though it's capable of more than you actually need to do. Boning knives are special purpose blades, and many home chefs don't use them. If you're interested in the craft of cooking and want to try some of the trickier things like cunningly prepared boneless roasts, you'll need a slender knife with a razor-sharp and strong blade. The 5-inch forged boning knife meets that need with a slim handle profile that won't interfere with the work and a narrow forged bolster that puts extra strength where it's most needed -- at the base of the blade.

Victorinox forged knives like this small, full tang boning knife with POM riveted handle are actually forged in Solingen, Germany and made from a single bar of high carbon stainless steel. After the forging and rough shaping, the knives ship to Victorinox in Switzerland for final finishing, sharpening, and quality control testing. The resulting knife features the ice-hardened rugged steel of famous German cutlery, tempered for a tough long-lasting but easily sharpened cutting edge and built to the specific standards of Victorinox.

Victorinox backs up this fine boning knife with a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship. Ordinary care includes hand washing and drying after use. Dishwashing machines won't ruin the knife, but polish and edge will suffer.

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