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Victorinox Forged Bread Knife, Small 8 Inch

Full Tang Serrated Kitchen Pastry Cutlery from Solingen

Posted by JT Hats

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Victorinox Forged Bread Knife, Small 8This 8-inch forged bread knife from Victorinox is a perfect size for small loaves, bagels, and rolls, but not quite enough blade for large homemade breads. If you do a lot of sandwich prep, it's a handy tool and more than enough knife.

The serrated edge of this blade isn't the standard sawtooth type usually found on knives meant for cutting through hard crusts and soft loaves. Victorinox redesigned the edge for a cutting action that's less prone to tear into the bread. The wavy teeth don't bite as aggressively but do cut smoothly. You might notice that the knife takes longer to start on hard crusts, but it also doesn't depend so much on the points of the teeth for cutting. The tooth style exposes more cutting edge and should provide clean cutting action throughout the lifetime of the edge. When it's time to sharpen this knife, you'll need professional service.

The forged build includes a full-width forged bolster, which only slightly limits the length of the cut and does contribute some extra strength. Drop-forged and ice-hardened in Germany from Solingen no-stain high carbon steel, the knife receives its finishing steps in Switzerland by Victorinox. Two stages of sharpening, laser testing, and quality control all ensure the knife meets rigid Victorinox standards.

This professional knife's handle is a full tang design with handle slabs of comfortably shaped and very durable POM (Plastic Over Molded). To keep the edge at its best don't wash the knife in a dishwasher -- hand washing and drying after use lengthens the life of both cutting edge and polish. Keep the cutting edge off hard glass cutting boards, and if you intend to use the knife for meat or poultry remember that the serrations dull quickly on bone.

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