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Victorinox Paring Knife Set of 3

Forschner Kitchen Cutlery w/ Bird’s Beak Decorative Blade 48042

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Victorinox Paring Knife Set of 3 For one of the best values in good kitchen cutlery, consider the three-piece Paring Knife Set from R.H. Forschner Victorinox of Switzerland. These knives couldn't be simpler, but Victorinox provides everything you need in a good paring knife at one of the lowest prices you'll find.

There's very little here beside high quality stamped stainless steel and black poly handles -- the rest is functional design. You might pay nearly as much for a paring knife with almost no tang in the handle, or a paring knife with a poorly tempered blade that bends or breaks. These three knives meet Victorinox standards with steel that's evenly tempered for strength, flexibility, and an edge that you can resharpen for years. Instead of flimsy tangs that quickly push through plastic grips, the Victorinox knives have ample steel in the handle and will hold up to hard use.

The three paring knife styles provided here include two spear-point paring blades with plain or serrated edges and one special purpose Bird's Beak style. The Bird's Beak comes in handy when doing decorative work but also has a practical application if you're faced with oddly shaped garden vegetables. The curve of the blade peels ginger root, for example, without the massive amount of waste you'd get from a straight-edged knife. Blade length of the standard paring knives is 3-1/4 inches, while the Bird's Beak knife blade measures 2-1/2 inches.

Each knife is NSF approved and made to clean easily, either by hand or in the dishwasher. Washing any modern stain-free steel by hand extends the life of polish and edge. Expect to sharpen the knives regularly -- use a standard honing steel to quickly reset the edges before use.

Professionals who need good knives they can still afford to lose will also be interested in the Mundial Paring Knife Set.

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