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Warthog Knife Sharpener, Japanese & European

V Sharp Professional Automatic for Kitchen Knives

Posted by JT Hats

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Usually any chef interested in the best edge possible turns to the old system of whetstone and honing steel, but with the Warthog V Sharp Professional Knife Sharpener you won't need the mystical skills. Keep an eye on the V Sharp, though, because it may wind up on some executive's desktop instead of the prep counter.

This is an "automatic" sharpener for people who want precision. If you just want something you can drag a blade through and toss in a drawer, get something else. You'll need to watch the company's video and follow the instructions carefully until you get the hang of it, but you'll like the results. Precise settings adjust the Warthog to guide any style of kitchen knife blade, including old-school forged knives with 25 degree edges, modern Japanese knives with thin blades and 16 degree bevels, and even that in-between 20-degree edge many of us gradually install on our own.

The Warthog sharpener eliminates many of the problems that severely limit most pull-through sharpeners. With this one, you won't immediately grind a notch in one of the sharpening rods, since the rods as well as the knife blade stay in constant movement within the spring-loaded frame. You'll also be able to accurately sharpen curved edges and points, a trick that usually fails with kitchen disc hones. Different types of rods are available and shift out fairly quickly. For a finishing touch other sharpeners don't provide, slip on the steel rod hones for the last few strokes and the best-cutting burnished edge.

If you like machines, the Warthog V Sharp could end up on display instead of in storage between uses. It's just the kind of thing that catches a visitor's eye, and you'll have fun explaining how it works.

For a more compact but very functional kitchen sharpening system, see the AnySharp Knife Sharpener.

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