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Wusthof Classic 2 Piece Asian Knife Set

Paring & Santoku w/ Granton Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Classic 2 Piece Asian Knife Set This Asian santoku and paring knife set comes from the Wusthof Classic series of hand-forged cutlery. The Classic Santoku combines traditional German craftsmanship with the light and efficient santoku pattern from Japan. Use the seven-inch santoku for fine slicing of vegetables and meats and the three-inch paring knife for peeling and removing blemishes from produce. In day-to-day cooking, these two knives could be the ones you use most often.

Wusthof uses the same Solingen high carbon stainless steel in these knives that goes into the rest of its European-style cutlery. In the santoku, that means a tough edge but less wear resistance than high-end Japanese blades. The Wusthof pattern also weighs more than stamped or laser cut knives, but the forged bolster contributes strength and balance. Full tang riveted handles give the knives the look Wusthof's returning customers expect.

The santoku's granton -- the rows of hollows ground along the edge of the blade -- reduces friction when slicing and cuts down on the tendency of food to stack on the blade. That gives more control and less mess. Wusthof's santoku is a compromise between two styles, with less weight and more efficiency than the older style of chef's knife. It's also intended for lighter work -- chopping through bones or frozen food will take a heavier blade. Expect daily sharpening to be normal maintenance -- all the edge will need is a few strokes on a honing steel.

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