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Wusthof Classic Meat Serving Fork

7 Inch Straight Forged Stainless Steel Tines

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Classic Meat Serving Fork Wusthof's seven-inch Classic Straight Meat Fork lacks the problems you'll remember if you've used cheap carving forks. These long seven-inch tines of sharp forged high carbon stainless steel pierce even thick roasts and holiday turkeys without bending. The Wusthof Classic fork guides any good carving knife accurately for perfect slicing and serving.

The cheapest way to make a carving fork is with short tines and a long shank -- that's what you'll usually see, and it works well on bologna and cornish hens. The tines of a good carving fork do more than hold the meat on the platter. Extra long tines guide the carving blade and hold the meat steady from the skin to the bone. Short tines only hold the surface layers. Inexpensive carving forks of untempered stamped steel won't have the deep reach of the Wusthof Classic Meat Fork and may bend out of shape under only slight pressure. The edges of squared tines could even catch the cutting edge of the knife, nicking the blade -- the rounded tines of the Classic Fork let the knife pass by smoothly. For those who prefer carving to tearing and dismembering, the Wusthof Classic Meat Fork is a great help. With this implement in hand, the results of your work will not be random.

Wusthof puts the same effort into the creation of this carving fork as would be involved in any of their fine knives. Forged from one piece of Solingen steel, the fork features a full tang handle with forged bolster. Polymer handle slabs triple riveted to the steel tang leave no gaps for accumulation of food debris or germs. Maintenance is nearly the same as for Wusthof knives -- wash the stain-free fork by hand in mild detergent. Unlike the knives, the fork should never need sharpening.

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