Wusthof Cutlery Classic Knives | 23-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set

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Wusthof Cutlery Classic Knives Few things make a kitchen look like the home to a serious cook more than a big block of knives. If a big block of knives is what you’re looking for, then this set will certainly fit the bill, albeit at a steep price.

Wusthof, along with Henckels, make the knives that define the standard by which most Western cutlery is judged. On that basis, the knives in this set are very well made and certainly will last a lifetime if they receive proper care and maintenance.

Unfortunately, I can’t honestly say that I see this set as a particularly good value. I’m not a fan of knife as a concept, and like most sets, this consists of a few knives which would see daily use, and a lot of “filler” knives which will see little use and serve more to make for an impressive sight on the kitchen counter and to help the manufacturers move some of their slower moving products.

Out of the entire set, there are only three knives which I would consider to be essential: The eight inch cooks knife, the three and a half inch paring knife, and the eight inch bread knife (although eight inches is a bit short for a bread knife).

The rest of the knives are useful to some degree, but for the most part, unnecessary. The block is well constructed, but like the “sharpening steels” which come with most sets, the steel should be tossed out in favor of a good ceramic or smooth steel honing steel.

If you really want to spend a thousand dollars on a set of knives and a block, go right ahead, but that thousand dollars could be put to much better use by purchasing a block and a few carefully selected knives to go with it and you’d have change left in your pocket.

Check out our article on the best kitchen knives for any budget for some recommended knives in this and other price ranges.

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