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Wusthof Meat Carving Knife & Fork Box Set

Forged Culinar Satin Finish 2 Piece

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Meat Carving Knife & Fork BoxWusthof's Culinar Carving Set brings beauty as well as function to the dining table and is rugged enough for work in the kitchen as well. This all-stainless-steel carving set replaces wood or polymer components with satin-finished metal for a look that won't fade.

The six-inch fork and eight-inch knife are both forged from single blanks of high carbon stainless steel and carefully tempered for flexibility and strength. The highly polished blade of the knife merges with a strong forged bolster and full handle tang. Although at first glance these seem like heavy one-piece tools, the handles of both the knife and the fork are hollowed slabs of 18/10 stainless steel, more resistant to stains and corrosion than the stain-free blades and tines. The sides of the handles fit so perfectly to bolster and tang that the joints are difficult to spot. A large stainless steel rivet embossed with the Wusthof Trident logo binds the structure together.

Tines of the fork have smooth rounded shapes which won't conflict with carving. The six-inch tines provide plenty of control for deep slicing in large cuts of meat. The carving set includes a brushed aluminum storage and presentation case with foam inserts for protection of this fine pair of tools. You should enjoy the action of this set as well as the sleek modern appearance and award-winning design.

Maintenance is simple, but don't plan to run this set through the dishwasher. The steel of blade and tines was chosen to keep a sharp edge as well as a high polish. Allowing food to dry on the carving set, or washing them in the caustic heat of a dishwasher, could mar the finish. A hand wash and dry after service is all that's required.

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