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Wusthof Precision Edge Diamond Knife Sharpener

Stainless Steel Electric

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Precision Edge Diamond KnifeUnlike many short lived home sharpening systems, this professional diamond wheel electric sharpener from Wusthof of Solingen, Germany, carries a lifetime warranty. With most home appliance warranties falling between ninety days and two years, that's an indication of something special.

Two sharpening slots in this brushed stainless steel grinder house coarse and fine grinding systems based on overlapping diamond grit wheels manufactured by the Norton corporation, an American supplier of industrial quality abrasives. The diamond wheels have a very long lifetime and are easily replaceable.

The grinder requires no lubrication in use and maintenance is a simple matter of emptying the shavings tray occasionally. Rubber feet and a weight of over seven pounds keep the machine stable as you work. The coarse side restores even nicked blades, and a few strokes through the fine side brings the knife to a razor sharp edge.

This grinder will sharpen even harder Japanese steel, but the bevel it produces is the Wusthof style, wider than the Japanese designs. If you have Asian blades and want to keep that extraordinarily fine cut, use recommended methods only.

A minor drawback of this grinder that will be important to perfectionists is that the small wheels of this machine cut a hollow ground edge, not the tapered flat grind of the best Wusthof products. The result is good, but a compromise.

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