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Zombie Hand Claw, Demon Bones Skull

Fantasy Futuristic Wolverine Punch Dagger Weapon

Posted by JT Hats

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Zombie Hand Claw Demon Bones These Demon Bones Hand Claws would even make Wolverine of the X-Men jealous. Although current Zombie Hand Claw technology hasn't become truly practical for ordinary survivors of zombie-producing plagues, this Skull & Bones-themed punch dagger adds drama to any fantasy weapons collection.

This 17-inch-long Zombie Gear fist claw sprouts three main claw blades of single-edged high carbon 440C stainless steel, set in a steel framework which combines both palm grip and wrist brace to put more power behind the claw's deadly strike. There's no question the claw could be dangerous if actually used, although professional zombie hunters would prefer something less decorative and more solidly built.

Decorative cast resin skulls with the look of bone embellish the claw's metal finger and wrist guards, but the sculpted features don't add much practical protection. Underneath all that, you'll find the stainless steel wrist brace and padded palm grip secured by a wide Velcro-fastened adjustable wrist strap. The design of this punch dagger would be much more solid in a slashing swing than in that very tempting forward punch. This claw hand isn't a match for Wolverine's titanium skeleton and emotionally-driven blades.

Although technically it still needs some work, the Demon Bones Hand Claw already has the look of the fantasy weapon genre down pat. Even though there's no wooden mounting plaque or stand included, this Zombie Gear Skull & Bones Hand Claw will certainly find a place in the zombie gamer's hoard of phat loot.

For familiar zombie-hunting gear from the Resident Evil series, see the Double Kukri Knives from Trademark Global.

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