Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Sharpening Station | Diamond Hone Electric Sharpener #130

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Chef's Choice M130 ProfessionalUsing an electric sharpener is an easy way to ensure you get a consistent edge without delving into the art of manual sharpening.

But be careful which electric sharpener you use. Some are too aggressive — they’ll eat away at your blade and you’ll soon be left with a useless knife.

Others don’t sharpen at the correct angle. Your knives may be left duller than they should be.

And still others provide a single one-size-fits-all stage that won’t allow you to take a dull edge and turn it into a razor-sharp one.

EdgeCraft makes some of the best electric sharpening devices around and they take all of those issues into consideration.

The Chef’s Choice M130 has three sharpening slots. The first slot uses diamond wheels for sharpening a dull knife.

The second slot is basically just a manual honing steel, while the third stage is a stropping stage for honing and fine-tuning only.

Want a more aggressive edge grinder instead of that second-slot steel? Then check out the Chef’s Choice M120 instead.

Note that this tool sharpens at a relatively wide angle that is appropriate for many knives such as Henckels, Wusthof, etc. If you have high-end Japanese knifes like those from Shun or Global, you should check out the model 316 instead. We’ll link to that below as well.

Want to do some manual sharpening? The Shun combination whetstone may be the right tool for you.

Find this Chef’s Choice M130 Sharpener:


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