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Chef’s Choice 120

Best Electric Sharpener | EdgeCraft Electric M120

Posted by Ken

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Chef's Choice M120 Diamond HoneThinking about buying an electric sharpener? Then you need to read this.

Electric sharpeners are dangerous! And I don't mean dangerous to you, I mean dangerous to your knives. In the best case, a poor-quality sharpener will leave your edges dull. Worst case, it will remove a ton of metal from your edges and leave you with a knife that can not be resharpened again.

EdgeCraft's Chef's Choice models, on the other hand, can do the job right. The Model 120 provides three stages: a pre-sharpening stage, a sharpening stage and a honing stage.

The pre-sharpening stage will restore an edge that is pretty much trashed. It is quite aggressive, so use it sparingly. You should not need to use it very often and, if you do, you'll reduce the lifespan of your knives.

The second stage is a sharpening stage that will be more commonly used. It will put a sharp edge on a knife that's been dulled by normal use.

The third stage is a stropping stage that will fine-tune your edge. You can use this stage as often as you like as it will restore a fine-edge to a knife without removing any metal from the edge.

Confused about the difference between the Chef's Choice M130 and the 120? The 130 has a honing steel for re-aligning edges instead of the pre-sharpening stage.

Either model is a fine choice.

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