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Cold Steel Steak Knife Set of 6, Serrated

Kitchen Classics Krupp Steel & Zytel Kraton Handle 59KS6Z

Posted by JT Hats

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Cold Steel Steak Knife Set of 6,Cold Steel -- well known for its functional replica weapons and self defense knives -- also produces a series of Kitchen Classics knives. This set of six steak knives shows the functional concepts we expect from Cold Steel, but the look is better suited to prep.

These ice-hardened knives begin as blanks of Krupp 4116 high carbon stainless steel -- the same alloy Cold Steel uses for all knives in the Kitchen Classics series. With a thickness of only 1/16 inch, the knives are both light and flexible, weighing only 1.3 ounces each. In spite of the light weight, there's a full-sized feel with ample four-inch handles fully enclosing the tangs and blades 4-5/8 inches long.

The steak knives feature finely serrated edges extending nearly the full cutting length of the blades. Only the last half inch of the tip is plain-edged, which makes good practical sense since that's the part of the knife which contacts the plate most often. This keeps the serrated portion razor-sharp for the real cutting.

Handles are built of the same high tech materials used in Cold Steel's combat knives. A core of strong Zytel surrounds the tang, overlaid with a layer of Kraton which gives the grip extra traction and enough resilience for comfortable use. If functionality is what you want in a steak knife set, buy Cold Steel. For looks, they're nothing special.

For better-looking traditional steak knives, try the Mundial Steak Knife Set.

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