Global 5-Piece Chef’s Knife Set | Best $350 Kitchen Knives | Japanese Steel

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Global Kitchen Knife SetGlobal Knives are known for their razor-sharp edges, lightweight feel and funky contemporary styling.

This set consists of five essential kitchen knives and nothing more. It features an 8″ chef’s knife, an 8.25″ carving knife for slicing meats, 8.75″ serrated bread knife, 5.5″ utility knife and a 4″ paring knife.

As you probably know by now, I advocate buying knife sets that contain a smaller set of top-notch knives. This gets you the best bang for the buck, as you’re not spending extra on knives you don’t need.

You probably also know that I recommend that you buy the sharpest knives you possibly can. These knives fit the bill. Yoshinkin, the maker of these knives, was one of the first to introduce supremely-sharp Japanese knives to the rest of the world.

They’ve gained a devoted following over the last fifteen years from professional chefs as well as amateurs looking for the sharp, light knives. And now that Japanese knives are all the rage, Global is getting business from mainstream home chefs as well.

These knives are made from CROMOVA18 Steel. That’s really just a fancy way of saying that these knives contain 18 percent Chromium for edge retention and stain-resistance. The “MOVA” in the name means the steel contains Molybdenum and Vanadium. This blend allows the knives to be sharp, to maintain that sharpness over time and to be stainless.

The look of these knives is quite unique — so you may be tempted to display them on a magnetic knife strip. This is an excellent way to show them off and to keep the knives from dulling in a knife block or, God forbid, a kitchen drawer.

Some people gripe a bit about the lightweight feel and blade-heavy balance. If you want a more traditional Western feel, these also come in a heavyweight version.

While I’ve named this the best kitchen knife set for $350, they’re actually only $300. You’ll need the remaining $50 for a knife block, magnetic strip and/or sharpening tool. The MinoSharp Water Knife Sharpener would be a great low-cost sharpening tool to add to this set.

See MAC Superior and Professional Knives for another great choice in this price range.

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