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MAC Professional and Superior Knife Set Review

Best $350 Kitchen Knives

Posted by Ken

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MAC Chefs Knife ProfessionalIt's"">8" Professional Chef's knife (MAC #MTH-80). It has two features that the Superior Chef's knives don't -- a half-bolster for a better balance and dimples (or "grantons"), to keep food from sticking to the knife.

For the rest of your knives, the Superior series is great. The 7" utility knife (#SA-70) and 5" paring knife (#SP-50) are available at a slight discount as part of a two-piece set. Next up add the Superior Carving Knife (#SB-105), which can also double as a bread knife.

All MAC knives are made of high-carbon steel with Molybdenum and Vanadium for sharpness, edge-retention and stain-resistance. They also include Tungsten Carbide which increases hardness and, as a result, sharpness. These knives are usually hardened to a rating of 60 on the Rockwell hardness scale. This allows them to be among the sharpest knives we feature on this site.

You'll notice that the combined price of our recommended knives is actually closer to $250 than to $350. This is so that you've got some room in case prices have changed and to purchase any other accessories (sharpening steel, and/or magnetic storage strip) you need.

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