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Best Bread Knife

MAC SB-105 Serrated Carving Blade | 10 Inch

Posted by Ken

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MAC Bread Knife This is it folks... the ultimate bread knife.

Stand back and be awed by its blade made of high-carbon stain-resistant steel, hardened to 60 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. That exceptional hardness means the blade can hold a very sharp edge. And it will come with a very sharp edge out of the box.

That blade is 10.5 inches, meaning you can slice through the widest crusty loaf in fewer swipes, reducing crumbs and keeping your crust intact.

Its sawtooth pattern can be resharpened on a standard stone, which is unique for a serrated blade. Most serrated blades are difficult to resharpen, so many chefs own cheap, disposable bread knives.

We emphasize the "bread" part of this bread knife, but it is actually a carving knife intended for slicing meats as well as breads.

That dual-purpose nature means that it can serve as an essential part of a small set of high-quality knives. If you've read our Kitchen Knife Guide, you'll know we recommend MAC knives as part of any great set.

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