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Global 7-Inch Deba Knife

Japanese Chef’s Knife

Posted by Ken

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Global 7-Inch Deba Knife The Deba knife is a Japanese-style Chef's knife, ideally suited for butchering fish or slicing through hard vegetables. It's hefty enough to cut through fine bones, but is certainly not the heavyweight that a cleaver is.

This Deba sports all the features you've come to love from Global -- light weight, sand-filled stainless steel handle and a razor-sharp thin blade.

The blade is somewhat thin and light for a Deba. It's made of a molybdenum and vanadium steel alloy that allows for edge-retention and sharpness.

The handle features a finger notch for safety and control. It is also dimpled for a non-slip grip and unique look.

Note that this blade is single-beveled. That allows it to be even thinner than a traditional Western double-beveled blade, but also means it may be more appropriate for righties than for lefties.

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