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Global Ceramic Whetstone

Knife Sharpening Stone, Rough Grit 120

Posted by JT Hats

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Global Ceramic Whetstone Many modern high-end knives are built with steel so hard that the edge chips if used improperly. Micro-chips may not cause problems, but visible chips do. To restore a jagged edge, you either need the help of the factory or a special tool and some time to reflect on your mistakes. The Global Ceramic Whetstone with its 120 grit isn't really very rough, but it's the grade of stone you'll need to erase those occasional misfortunes.

Global's stones mimic the old Japanese waterstone pattern, much better for kitchen applications than the European oilstones. Simply wet the whetstone with ordinary water -- not spit or petroleum oil or kerosene -- and the stone is ready to use. Natural waterstones require soaking, but this synthetic only needs a surface sheen of clean water. Sanitary advantages for food prep are obvious.

A rubber base grips countertop or table securely, and the 7/8 inch height gives plenty of working room even for ham-handed chefs. All it takes is skill and patience. The technique really isn't hard to learn, but it's something many people avoid learning, preferring the quicker solution of sharpening systems with guides or simply a brand new knife. With the best cutlery you accept more challenges, including proper care of the blade. The results are worth the extra effort.

Meant as the first of a set of three grades of stones, this coarse grit whetstone should rarely be necessary. Coarse grinding becomes crucial only when a blade is seriously damaged or the bevel becomes too abrupt for honing with a fine grit stone. Used properly, it's a fresh start.

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