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Global Knife Block, Stainless Steel

Cutlery Storage 11 Slot G-835/KB

Posted by JT Hats

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Global Knife Block, Stainless Steel If you're looking for convenient knife storage that's compatible with the all-stainless steel look of Global knives, consider this stainless steel 11-slot knife storage block -- also from Global Cutlery. The block is designed to hold ten Global knives and a Global sharpening steel. Many other brands will fit, but not all will harmonize with this modern look.

The block does use black polymer where it counts -- in the non-slip rubberized base and the knife slot protectors -- but otherwise, the block is polished stainless steel. The 11-1/4-inch tall block has a fairly small footprint only 5-1/2 inches wide by 10 inches deep, but to be practical, add the average handle length of five inches to the height. Locate the block where there's clear access, not tucked under cabinets.

Compared to wooden blocks, the Global 11-slot block is a little light in weight. Under 3-1/2 pounds without knives, the block won't be quite as stable if you grab for a knife and move before you should move. Don't locate the block within reach of small children, who might grab for the shiny new fixture and tip it. Like all Global products, this block is very well-designed, but it will require a slight change in kitchen habits if you're used to the stability of a heavy hardwood storage block.

Maintenance of this block is considerably simpler than for a wooden counterpart. There's no reason to oil any part of the Global block and no worries about splitting or swelling. Moisture could create a different problem if you store knives which are still wet. Inside the slots, water droplets are slow to evaporate and don't wick away through the block, as they do in wooden systems. Dry knives thoroughly before you put them away.

For alternative storage specially created for Global cutlery, check out the Global Knife Magnetic Wall Rack.

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