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Henckels Miyabi Santoku 7000D

Japanese Kitchen Knife, Damask Steel w/ Micarta Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Henckels Miyabi Santoku 7000D The Miyabi division of J.A. Henckels came about when the company decided to team up with Iron Chef Rokusaburo Michiba. Combining German materials and German standards with Japanese styling and Japanese craftsmanship produced the 5000S series of hybrid cutlery. The 7000D series, including the Miyabi 7000D Santoku, comes closer to the promise of something new.

The Miyabi Santoku uses modern Damask steel with 16 layers of high tensile strength stainless steel on each side of a harder central core. This core layer of CMV60 stainless steel is hardened to Rockwell 60HRC, better than many kitchen knives of European make. CMV60, with a high-tech blend of vanadium, molybdenum and cobalt, offers increased resilience as well as hardness. One of the problems of modern Damascus-like blades is that the core layer can be brittle as well as sharp. Surrounded by the tougher layers of softer stainless alloy, this CMV60 cutting edge can be ground to the thin 19-degree angle that gives this Santoku its incredibly good cutting action. Damask steel also reduces friction, since the slightly rippled steel surface breaks up contact with the food it cuts. Hollows may even fill with juices, lubricating the blade as it works.

A D-shaped tapered handle of Micarta -- a synthetic with the look of tropical hardwood but even better durability -- provides a solid grip. Generous bolsters of stainless steel add to the professional look. The knife will require special care including hand washing and drying. Honing steels could damage the thin edge, so invest in a good set of waterstones for sharpening this fine knife.

See the Global Japanese Santoku for a high-tech blade in an all-stainless steel design.

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