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Yoshikin Global Japanese Santoku

7 Inch Stainless Steel Slicing Knife

Posted by JT Hats

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Yoshikin Global Japanese Santoku Global's 7-inch Santoku brings modern one-piece forged design to an old Japanese pattern, and is closer in appearance to the original santoku knives than the more familiar hollow ground versions most of us now own. Global knives are the favorites of many top chefs including Anthony Bourdain, and depend on qualities like edge retention, balance, and light weight for their popularity.

The thin, hard, ice-tempered stainless steel blade ground with an acute Japanese style bevel arrives with an edge so sharp it slices through food nearly effortlessly. This knife shaves thin slices of meat, fish, and poultry as easily as it slices zucchini and is strong enough for light chopping. The high temper of the blade makes it vulnerable to twisting, bending, and chipping, so don't use it for coarse tasks like prying apart joints of meat, and be careful of bones and frozen food. This knife is made for accurate and fast slicing, and does that work amazingly well.

The distinctive dimpled stainless steel handle has a dovetail shape that is surprisingly comfortable and ergonomic. Each knife is individually balanced. Light and nimble in the hand, the Global patterns lessen fatigue and reduce repetitive stress problems.

Since these knives are hand-honed by expert craftsmen before leaving the factory, sharpening at home should only be done on approved flat stones and not with sharpening steels. The knives should also be kept out of dishwashers and need a quick hand washing and drying before storage.

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