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Ultimate Edge Blade Saver Set

Knife Cutlery Storage | Polystyrene Sheath BS9

Posted by JT Hats

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Ultimate Edge Blade Saver Set This set of polystyrene sheaths from Ultimate Edge helps protect the blades of your favorite knives in drawers as well as carrying cases. The set of 9 offers two widths and five lengths of blade protectors.

With one-inch and two-inch widths designed to slide over the edges of blades, the Ultimate Edge sheaths should fit all knives and will help organize cluttered drawers and keep old knife assortments from endangering fingers. High quality blades should be cared for properly, and a quality hardwood block is the best solution. Thin blades fit the Ultimate Edge covers best, but thicker blades like cook's knives can be pressed into the sheaths with a little more effort.

For chefs who carry their knives from job to job, these sheaths offer additional protection for your important knives while in transit. Sized to fit most knife rolls and carrying cases, these sheaths will fit inside tool pockets and offer increased security and safety. Make sure knives are dry before storing them away, because once moisture gets into the sheath, it is hard to get out.

This long-lasting storage system can accommodate blade lengths from 4 1/2" to 12 1/2", but since the covers are not available individually, it may take more than one set to provide full protection for every knife you have.

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