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Totally Bamboo Kona Groove Wood Cutting Board

Eco Friendly

Posted by JT Hats

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Totally Bamboo Kona Groove Wood CuttingI'm fully in favor of "green" products, but they have to be good. I used plastic cutting boards for years because they were easy to clean and saved a maple tree here and there -- but when I saw a bamboo cutting board for the first time, I bought one. It's beautiful, and I like it.

Looking back, I can justify my purchase by saying that Totally Bamboo uses premium-grade bamboo from renewable stands, which restore themselves to harvestable size in only a few years compared to the two hundred or so years it takes to grow a rock maple. The type of bamboo used is not a food source for the endangered panda, so I have no starving panda bears on my conscience either. What I do have is a high-quality lightweight cutting board of natural bamboo that is 16 percent harder than rock maple.

This 18" x 12.5" x 1" model also has a routed juice groove around the edge to help keep liquids on the board rather than the counter. The glue used is food-safe and stable, and the edge grain layout is one of the strongest ways to use this durable natural material -- most end grain sections, the most vulnerable to moisture, are protected by the laminated end pieces.

To prevent cracking and warping, you must oil the board regularly and store it on edge when not in use. When properly cared for, washed and oiled by hand, and correctly stored, it will last for many years.

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