Henckels Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set | 8 Pieces

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Henckels Stainless Steel Steak KnifeOkay, so you want nice looking steak knives, you don’t want to pay a lot, and you won’t really use the set very often so quality is not a big deal to you. I think I have something in mind: J.A. Henckels International set of eight steak knives with full tang serrated stainless steel blades and ergonomic stainless steel handles. The matching steel looks great, especially with table settings made up for special occasions, and an unknowing eye won’t be able to determine whether or not they cost a fortune.

Now, should you want something just a touch higher-quality at a similar price, check out the Forschner steak knives we wrote about not too long ago.

But back to the Henckels set…

German company J.A. Henckels has been a big name in kitchen knives since practically forever, and this set is part of their Value Brand, a lesser quality and therefore reduced-price offshoot of J.A. Henckels International. Through the links below this Value set can be purchased for very little cost; however, if taken care of, they will last just as long as the Premium Brand sets. While the specs on this set claim dishwasher safe,it is not recommended. While the blades usually hold up after a dishwasher run, the handles tend to come out with rust spots that grow larger as time goes on. Even Henckels, with an asterisk, has noted that dishwasher cleaning is not recommended. Take the extra time to hand wash and dry after use – you will not be disappointed. The specs also say that, because the edges are serrated, these knives will never need sharpening. This claim is ridiculous – even serrated blades need sharpening over time. The task of sharpening is much more difficult, but many place will take care of that for you with a fee. Or, just get another set – did I already mention that this set is not very expensive?

And, when you see the price, a full warranty should calm your fears of buying a piece of junk. J.A. Henckels stands behind all its knives. We’d still probably recommend the Forschner set, but the warranty sure helps.

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