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MAC Japanese Nakiri Vegetable Knife #JU65

Posted by Ken

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MAC Japanese Vegetable Knife #JU65Stand back, zucchini, and prepare to meet your maker!

This is a 6.5 inch Japanese slicing blade is made by MAC. MAC is known for producing razor-sharp Japanese knives that are reasonably priced.

Despite the name, it can be used on meats quite effectively as well as vegetables, from slicing and dicing to julienne.

This knife features a lightweight and nicely balanced blade, which makes for a clean, easy cut due to a lack of resistance from the blade. The rectangular blade is similar to that of a cleaver. The metal is also stainless, making it washable in a mild soap and water solution.

Not only is this knife a MAC, which is the choice of many of the world's greatest chefs, but all of its great features combine to give you a great experience in a kitchen utensil.

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