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Makita Electric Chainsaw, Automatic Oil

Commercial Pro 16 UC4030A

Posted by JT Hats

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Makita Electric Chainsaw, Automatic Oil The Makita UC4030A commercial-grade electric chain saw offers convenient fast cutting of branches and small trees and is even rugged enough for sustained use. Make sure the work site is within a hundred feet of an ordinary 120V outdoor electrical outlet or generator -- that's the maximum length of extension cord for full power. This tough 15-amp saw does the work of a small gasoline-powered chainsaw without the noise and the blue smoke. Able to handle any job within the limits of its 16-inch automatically oiled bar, the Makita even includes overload protection.

If you've ever spent more of your time trying to start a gasoline -powered saw than you should have spent cutting the wood, you'll like the way the Makita works. Plug it in and pull the trigger -- the soft start feature brings the chain speed quickly up to 2600 feet per minute and skips the usual tricks of choke, gas trigger, and starting rope. All you need to provide is a source of electricity, oil for the bar reservoir, and work to do.

Makita's chainsaw includes perks that make maintenance and operation easier and safer than with an equivalent gas machine. Check the oil level through the transparent reservoir window and adjust both bar and chain without tools. Rubberized handles provide a solid grip and protection against vibration.

If you bite off more than the Makita is meant to handle, current limiting circuitry drops the power to the overloaded motor and prevents the burnout problems that send many electric saws to the dump early. The Makita UC4030A is a good saw, built to last beyond the warranty.

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